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24 at Milliways


That Numbered Show
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24_ways is an OOC plotting community for “24” characters at milliways_bar. There shall be summaries of ongoing plots, brainstorming for future plots, clarification and retconning, and occasionally--which is to say, a significant portion of the time--there will be crack.

Membership is not open and is limited only to 24muns/pups and the characters who are closely involved with them. However, this is not to say you cannot monitor the comm. You most certainly can. Just beware of random acts of crack.

Your friendly neighborhood mods are kcountess and shoroko. (There's also birdseyeview but we don't speak of her much.)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

List of Active 24 Pups
Jack Bauer (action_antihero)
Kim Bauer (agirllost)
Chase Edmunds (_righthandman_)
Angela Edmunds (angela_edmunds)
Chloe O'Brian (accessobrian)
Michelle Dessler (chelleuncurled)
Ryan Chappelle (_chappy_)
Christine Chappelle (geeky_agent)
Kate Warner (justdidntseeit)
George Mason (g_mason_ctu)
Audrey Raines (audieraines)
Behrooz Araz (kayip)
Ramon Salazar (latino_menace)
Nina Myers (ms_myers)
Adam Kaufman (teh_data_fork)
Milo Pressman (johnnycoolguy)

List of Retired 24 Pups
Tony Almeida (iwasalevel6)
Teri Bauer (ratherbeinitaly)
David Palmer (callmedavid)
Mandy (mandyforhire)
Stephen Saunders (wearsturtleneck)
Jane Saunders (scares_me)
Dina Araz (terroristlady)
Erin Driscoll (_driscoll)
Lee Castle (not_a_redshirt)