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Oct. 1st, 2006



State of the Angie post...

Well, it looks like October is going to be very busy for us this month and Angela is no exception. So I'm posting here to give everyone a heads-up on when Angela is *definitely* not going to be in the bar.

1. She's bringing Melou for a visit to her world. Probably next week-ish. I still haven't quite decided how I'm going to include/not include the rest of the family in there. I'm leaning towards a situation that has Chase and Kim out of the house overnight and her brother visiting Aunt Trish--because Angela's so busy during the weekends, Chase and Kim might agree to let her stay by herself in the house from Saturday to Sunday afternoon and then have her promise to drive up to Aunt Trish's on Sunday. And also call every few hours, of course. The only reason I think this is plausible is that they have a really good security system, Angela has access to and knowledge of how to use guns, and she hasn't gotten in any trouble in a *very* long time, so they trust her.

And there's also the fact that there are several people in the neighborhood that she can go to if needs be. And who will be checking up on her.

But I've not entirely decided yet.

2. Angela will be out of the Bar on Halloween to spend it in Wales. This will not be something anyone finds out about unless Angela tells them--and it will be a short visit. (Pre-threaded, most likely) Short being a day, maybe two. No one will really notice, since Angela comes and goes when she pleases now.

(If she is needed in plot--which isn't likely--Millitime is possible, of course.)

Anyhoo, I figured I'd give you guys a heads-up about that. Both of these visits will be relatively short--one or two days max.

Also, About Grampa...Collapse )

OK, that's all the tl;dr from me for now. :)

Sep. 11th, 2006

listening!Chris1 - satanjewels


Jack/Michelle/Chris - it's like millicanon but not

Sexual Healing baby, is good for meCollapse )

And that's been your random act of perviness for today!

Aug. 30th, 2006



Attention, Angie's Parents...

There is a thread for you to tag here so Angela can tell them she's leaving. Millitimed to Tuesday night.
happy!chris - satanjewels



And at long last...this resplendent Unicorn was nigh my side...

His horn spiraled toward the sky...I swear to spite the

His eyes alone told an ancient story...
speaking to me with all the trust and innocence of nature...

Please share your favorite pictures and poetry about the most magnificent of all creatures, the unicorn!!

Aug. 25th, 2006

sunglasses smile


OK! So.

Next Wednesday, August 30th, teen!Angela is leaving the bar for one week (or thereabouts). During this week, about a year and a few months will pass for her. If you've been watching what she's been dealing with, you will know that being away from here for a good bit is absolutely necessary. She's wound up like a rubberband and sooner or later it's going to break. She will see the door sometime on Monday.

Angela will be looking for people she knows in order to say good bye on Tuesday and early on Wednesday. She will be leaving the bar at the stroke of midnight EST on Wednesday. (It sounds like I'm sooo organized, doesn't it?)

On Thursday and Friday, the 31st and Sept 1st, there will be a bebbe!Angela (2 years old) in the bar for cuddling, playing with and general cuteness. On the night(late) of the 1st, Angela will toddle back out of the bar and go home, with no adverse effects for anyone.

On Sept 2nd through the 5th, I will be AFK, visiting relatives in NY, taking a break from online life except for posting OOMs. Working on learning to knit and crochet, hopefully. :)

Lots of things will be happening for Angela during this time that she's out of the bar. I hope you guys like what I've got in store. Chase-mun, I've got a couple of questions for you that I hope you can answer in regards to certain bits of Chase's backstory.

Teen!Angela will return on Wednesday (or thereabouts) of the following week. Give or take a day, whenever I finish/get OOM's posted.

And...that's all for now. Any questions, please address them below! Ciao!

Aug. 17th, 2006



(no subject)

Okay, quandary for people.  Rescue threads are obviously not finished, and with people's schedules, doing the leaving and return threads tonight are looking complicated.  Also, there is a big smackdown going on outside tomorrow night, in Armageddon-plot which some pups have to be around for.

So, our options.  Do we:

a) Do the leaving and returning threads, slowtiming them, and have the return when the rescue threads aren't quite finished?

b) Do the leaving thread late afternoon/early evening tomorrow and the returning thread later that evening, millitiming it to earlier that day?

c) Have them leave and return on Saturday? (Armageddon plotters, would this cause problems for you?)

I'm working 4-8 tomorrow evening, 8:40-5:10 on Saturday, and am on Eastern time.

I know I can stay up very late tonight, but I know other people are in other time zones and have to get to work earlier tomorrow.

Okay, looks like C is our best option as that's the one no one seems to have a problem with, and it'll give us some more room to finish threads.  Any nays?
Jack - Name


(no subject)


Um, Bridget? Did you happen to notice that um....

Okay, while they were in Vancouver, Jack and Chris stayed in the Barclay House B&B.  When they went to New York for Jack's birhtday last year, the hotel they stayed in?

The Barclay Hotel.


This is like the March 18th thing, dammit!

Aug. 15th, 2006

chappy onna phone


(no subject)


Aug. 13th, 2006




Shellebelle093: It is amusing in a way to know that Jack-mun knits.
Shellebelle093: Action!knitting
XVCountess: *snerk* And knits frilly lacy stuff!
Shellebelle093: hee!
XVCountess: Though hey, those metal needles could be dangerous.
Shellebelle093: Thereby proving that Jack is really just a softie at heart.
Shellebelle093: LOL
Shellebelle093: yes, you can kill a man with a knitting needle
Shellebelle093: Jack: these are titanium-alloy needles with hollow tips...now please pass me the scissors
XVCountess: though I think it would be far, far too OOC to someday have the patrons of the bar be able to hear from over by the fireplace: "DAMMIT! I dropped a stitch!"
Shellebelle093: um...yes
Shellebelle093: you could whitetext it
XVCountess: LOL
Shellebelle093: Yes, whitetext Jack knitting
Shellebelle093: lol
Shellebelle093: but it would have to be Manly Knitting
XVCountess: *snerk* yes.
Shellebelle093: like, with really scratchy wool
XVCountess: a Gansey or Aran fisherman's sweater, for instance.
Shellebelle093: in a patterned "camouflage" color
XVCountess: LOL They have camo variegated yarn
Shellebelle093: and of course, the needles would have to be titanium alloy and definitely would have to be able to double as a weapon
Shellebelle093: Hee, I knooow. I worked in the wal mart craft dept for seven years
XVCountess: eh, plain steel would probably work. Though they'd have to be cleaned.
Shellebelle093: hee, yes
Shellebelle093: eeww
XVCountess: *wonders how strong the join is on her Addi Turbo circular needles*
Shellebelle093: ooooh, garotte!
Shellebelle093: *dies*
XVCountess: This is probably why they banned knitting needles on airplanes for a while.

Jul. 27th, 2006

not amused


(no subject)


And tell me what you think.

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